Here is a "bas-relief" representing Samuel de Champlain. In the 1600s, De-Champlain crossed the Atlantic Ocean to base colonies in 'The New World' for France. He thus furrow a big part from the east of North America. During one of his journeys in 1608 he founded Québec (the city). In 2008, Québec ( the city) will be holding large celebrations to commemorate the event (the four hundredth anniversary).

I sculptured Samuel De-Champlain using images from history books as my basis. As for the castle behind it is "Château Frontenac " which represents very well the city of Québec and it is a known and recognized castle all around the world.

Sculptured in the wood of the lime tree, dimension 18 thumbs of height, by 26 thumbs of wide by 3 thumbs of thickness. This makes the work a rather impressive wall detail.

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